A little more about me:

So, a little bit more about me. As you know, I am a Certified Natural Health Professional, a Certified Christian Life Coach and the Founder/Owner of THE NATURAL PATH – Restorative Wellness. I offer holistic, homeopathic support as well as nutritional and faith based life coaching to help restore wellness in those struggling with symptoms of chronic inflammation and autoimmune conditions.

As a person who has overcome symptoms of autoimmune, chronic inflammation, brain fog and toxicity, I understand what it’s like to be sick and tired of being sick and tired. I also understand what it is like to regain my energy and brain function, and love to share with the world that there is hope!

As a practitioner, I am excited to offer SHAPE ReClaimed along with my other services to my clients, as I believe we all carry a toxic load, and from young to old, we have the ability to detoxify. Whether my clients are struggling with symptoms of breast implant illness, are in need of healing support from trauma/PTSD, struggle in their learning abilities, or are amidst the “fun-zone’ of menopause, and/or the many other sources of chronic inflammation, SHAPE ReClaimed assists in providing that hope, including the amazing side effect of weight release.

Whether you are low on energy, dealing with chronic pain and inflammation, or just feel like your body has turned against you, I am here to walk beside you on your restorative wellness journey.