Christian Life and Wellness

Have you ever wondered what Christian Life and Wellness is like?

Meet Sandy!

When I met Sandy, she was a 50+ year old woman, struggling in her marriage, becoming an empty-nester and overwhelmed with the realization of being raised by a narcissistic parent. Sandy reached out to me via social media, exhausted, frustrated, needing direction in her purpose, and non-judgmental encouragement.

Faithfully, Sandy shared that God truly knew what he was doing by bringing us together. 

While there were glimmers of lightning bolt AHA’s, she/God knows that is not the most effective method for her. By the end of our sessions, Sandy found herself reacting differently to circumstances, communicating, and handling situations that left her with peace, versus the more common of second guessing her reactions that she had experienced in the past.

Before she knew it, she was letting things go more easily, not having expectations of things that were out of her control, and trusting in how much God truly loves her, a huge contrast from the “unlovable” label she had placed on herself in the past.

Sandy shared this:

 “Thank you, Kelly, for your availability, encouraging voice, and directing me
to our true source of transformation. I have found an eternal Sister-in-Christ, that truly has a heart for serving Him”.

If you know someone that was struggling like Sandy was, please let them know I am here to help.

Forward this webpage to them or send me their name and email address through my contact page. I promise to take good care of them by reaching out.